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August Routine

Writing Schedule

In an effort to prepare for the coming fall semester,—where I’ll be teaching Mondays & Wednesdays; writing Tuesdays & Thursdays; and grading, planning, and errand running on Fridays—I’m dedicating this Thursday as my #1 Productivity Day!

In order for me to reach my first 1mil word goal (1 April 18 – 31 March 19), I have to write 3K words a day (1mil / 365 = 2.7K; 7 x 2.7K = 19K weekly load), and given I’ve produced 250K in the first quarter (1 April 18 – 30 June 18), I know I’m capable of leaping to this stepping stone; but I don’t want to place the pressure of 2.7K words on myself on my two teaching days, so I’m redistributing my daily word count goals:

  • Monday: 1K words
  • Tuesday: 5K words
  • Wednesday: 1K words
  • Thursday: 5K words
  • Friday: 3K words
  • Saturday: 1K words
  • Sunday: 3K words

I know I’m capable of this redistribution, given I do it all the time for the weekends. But what this means is that I have to be more careful with how I spend weekends during semesters. My standard production speed is 4K in a full workday, 7K in an exceptionally focused workday, and 2K in a lazy workday, so the wiggle room here is minimal.

This new allocation of word count per day will start on August 1st, since we’re getting married next week, followed by our honeymoon, where I intend to read a little less, write a little less, and explore way more for the remainder on the month.

Blogging & Storytelling Schedule

With my word count redistribution in mind, these are the schedules I’d like to adopt for the different projects I’m juggling:

I know if I worked on one idea, uninterrupted, like a swordfish spiking prey, I’d be done quite fast, but part of my enjoyment of the creative process is watching the deeper narrative within my unconsciousness unfold by chasing several different ideas, and several different threads, through completely different genres and agendas, to see the eventual, inevitable image they weave together.

Also, I’m considering writing a mass reflection at the final, sputtering tail of this 1mil word exercise, maybe by leaving comments on all my previous blog and Wattpad posts during March ’19…

This reflective step will add personal value to this journey through 1mil words, and the journey should ultimately be the fuel propelling me forward—the wisdom from this experience, acting as the light at the end of the tunnel.

Again, I’m not fully slipping into this penguin suit until August 1st; there are too many other life events happening in the interim. Getting married is hard!

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Tuning Up

I close my eyes and listen to the songs to tune myself to the ceremony ahead;

I listen to the songs to tune a deeper chord inside myself;

A deeper chord inside myself, thus offers itself, like sword and shield;

Like Frodo and Sting, the deeper chord glows as anxiety reveals

Itself, with Its monstrous depression and fear, taking control of

Stress, once-faithful companion, sabotaging the cortisol dear

Productivity reared; offering itself, this chord leans in to say,

“I’ve got your back. I’m right here.”


Honeymoon & Wedding Check

Honeymoon controlled variables

  • Scheduled Airbnbs—yep (we’re staying at four places, each for 2-3 nights…well, except the fancy hotel, which is just one night, so I can die in a fancy hotel pool)
  • Scheduled snorkeling in crater—yep!
  • Scheduled plane tickets—yep!
  • Scheduled ferry to take us to Lanai—yep!




Note to self: Write about bridezilla anxiety.

Honeymoon unknown variables

  • Luau?—figure it out when we get there?
  • Kayaking?—only if we’re bored?
  • Jeep or alternate transit on Lanai—if I don’t think about it, it can’t freak me out, LALALALALALA (it’s freaking me out)

Wedding controlled variables

  • Everything is scheduled—yep!
  • People are going to be there—yep!

Wedding unknown variables

Every time I think about this part, I need a nap.