1 Million Words

2018 Shooting-for-the-Stars Goal

Write 1mil words in a year.

Word count comes from 3 categories…

  1. Self Published 1st Draft—first-draft chapters or articles on WordPress, Wattpad, or Medium.
  2. Self Published Final Draft—Final drafts on Etsy and Amazon count for 50% value.* (On transferring Wattpad stories to self-published e-books on Amazon.)
  3. Zine Published—online or paper zines count for 200% value because they’re cool.

*If a story takes me a hundred hours to write, it takes me fifty hours to edit, so I value “edited words” at 50% the rate of “produced words.”

Prize: Qwerkywriter Keyboard

2018 Realistic Goal

Write 500K words in a year.

Same word count qualifications as above.

Prize: Gigantic Lava Lamp or Steampunk Keyboard