Wedding Betta Splenden

Today’s Writing Goal

So I usually use a technique called “pantser” on my blogs, which roughly means, writing by the seat of my pants—twist on an old adage—but there’s this other writing method that I use for writing fiction called “plotter,” which is in every way what it sounds like…

Someone plotting a grand affair.

And weddings are like plotting a grand affair, right?

…I’m a sloppy plotter.

For the two-week goal I set here on Wyvia, I’m applying plotter logic to a blog—and it feels as every bit unnerving as the pantser novel I’m writing over on Wattpad. The whole world is operating in reverse!—up is down, down is up!

(I no-joke shout up is down, down is up when I’m having an autistic shutdown, so the above joke is morbidly hilarious —at least to me—and perhaps, only to me. Having a private joke publicly is one of the autistic things I like to do.)

Anyway, according to the purple and fuchsia clouds in my iPhone’s Ideament, today’s plot is betta splenden; which means we’re going on a visual adventure of the betta fish I’d like to include in a lit nook of our wedding venue as a visual stimulation space.

A resting space.

I don’t normally last more than 2-3 hours in a social environment—and that’s when I’m a fly on a wall; not the center of attention—so anything I can include to counteract the chaos of human beings with the calmness of animals, plants, LED lights, and firelights… anything is essential.

I’m experiencing an escalating heartbeat just thinking about it.

Today’s Headspace ✅ Blogosphere

It’s 1:21pm, (then 5:01pm,) and I’m only now turning everything off to write. I’d like to start much earlier than this—by no later than noon, ideally; but all the tragedies flashing by on Facebook and Twitter exhaust my soul. Then I go recharge on YouTube* by:

Alternatively, I recharge at Pinterest*, gathering my ideas, plus quotes of the ideas of others. Lifelong learning is essential to my writing process; I’m not sure what I’d write about if I wasn’t exposing myself to new concepts and ideas daily.

My long-term Wattpad project, Emergence No. 7*, is my slow-burn—the massive consciousness that’s churning in me as a result of containing all this information in my head, all these feelings in my body—and*, or the Launchpad, is where I splat ideas (and inevitably, finished projects) on a virtual board; but everything else is just a daily action-reaction, a cookie-crumb trail of experiences:

  1. My is the English graduate in me, collecting articles daily;*
  2. Cleo’s Autism Awareness is the autistic person in me, wanting to explore my authentic self—while inviting others to read what I’ve learned, of course—and while I’ve proven I can write about this daily, it’s very exhausting; soul-searching my relationship with my neurology is a tall order to fill every rise-and-fall of the sun!—so I prefer a slower pace;*
  3. Rydia’s Last Cure is the child in me, the curious self, the open self, the hidden self that’s graysexual or bisexual—and I’m writing to find out which;*
  4. Wyvia, (where you’re at now,) is the dreamer in me, where I do my best to write whimsically, warmly, and honestly—they way I feel my writing ought to be—but I’m normally too fearful to attempt this voice, to travel into openness;*
  5. Reminiscencings is the thinker in me, where I look into the meaning I’ve placed on words by reconstructing dictionary definitions and memories into poems;*
  6. Our Cat Overlords is the cat lover in me, as well as where I’d like to write about artificial intelligence (and I’ve been neglecting this project most of all, so it’s probably up on my goals list next);*
  7. Quest for Chicken is the gardener in me, and it also could use more work;*
  8. NecroBlogger is the 90s teenager in me, and it needs work, but I’m not as worried about it until I draw up a plan for flipping it into a paid account;*
  9. From North On is my travel blog, and I’ll freshen it up after our honeymoon.*

All the red asterisked (*) options are paid accounts—which, ironically, is what you need to make money off these ritualistic writing practices. (For example, paid WordPress accounts have access to a marketing platform called WordAds, which lets you earn a passive profit off the targeted advertising exposed to readers.)

Meanwhile, the blue astericked (*) ones are still free accounts, but I’ve been consistently, slowly activating as funds become available, so it’s only a matter of time.

I also use Amazon Associates, but those are recommended products—not targeted ones—and it doesn’t make a penny until someone purchases a product. As of today, I’ve made two sales to two strangers, and Amazon has given me zero cents; this example explains my feelings about Amazon Associates, and why I am transitioning to WordAds.

Wedding Betta Splenden

Chase and I were talking about picking up a gold betta fish from our local Petco, over off Blackstone, the day before our wedding. (My mom also wants to dye and cut my hair the day before the wedding; I wonder when the practice run happens?—it’s not also the day before, is it?)

I’m also up for the idea of a koi betta, or a butterfly betta… any betta but a double veiltail, just because I’m not interested in supporting breeders who manipulate alleles to the point it’s difficult for the fish to move around. Doesn’t seem humane.

I’ve been reading on betta splenden lately, thanks to a book my friend Ashley gifted me:

So I know the betta fish will be okay in a 1g – 2g container short-term, although I’d like to then upgrade our wedding friend to a 5g – 10g living space—and we only have a day between our wedding and honeymoon, so I best prepare the digs beforehand.

We currently have a 5g minibow that’s unoccupied, but if the aquarium store in Clovis has another $35 sale on their 10g kits, I’d prefer the larger option, so we can also turn the tank into a planter. I’ve been checking Fresno’s Craigslist on-and-off, knowing they throw ads up there—ex., they have an awesome deal on a 29g right now.

Yesterday, we purchased some fun decor to spice up the wedding betta bowl (and later, the minibow or 10g kit) over at Michael’s Arts & Crafts; however, the listings I’m including on this blog post are from Amazon, since I know it’s a more widely used and accepted online venue.

The first betta splenden upgrade:

Submersible Lights

At Michael’s Arts & Crafts, these are $19.99, but with the 40% off coupon, it ends up a wash with Amazon’s “cheaper” alternative; so if you have a local Michael’s Arts & Crafts, you could pick these up at a store for the same ding to your pocket.

The LED lights we selected are color-changing. This adds to the visual stimulation of the arrangement. I’m especially fond of paying attention to the patterns of color-shifting objects as they move A, B, C, A, B, C, or whatever algorithm they’re displaying; discovering this algorithm—then observing it—calms my winding brain.

The second betta splenden upgrade:

Acrylic Crystals

What’s better than submersible LED lights?

Refracted LED light on acrylic crystals, of course.

I plan to mix these with a few lights along the bottom of a big 🦆ing bowl; this ups the need for the bowl to be 2g+ or more capacity. If half the bowl is full of acrylic crystals and lights, that only leaves 1g for the fish to zip around…

If you purchase these at Michael’s Arts & Crafts, prepare to be a wee ripped off. They’re $19.99 as well, so even when the price tag’s reduced by a 40% off coupon, it’s a few dollars more than Amazon. (But of course the brick and mortar store is a few dollars more than Amazon.)

Checklist for Betta Splenden

So we have a few steps left to realize this idea:

  1. Acquire a bowl. Chase and I were supposed to go to the thrift store in Tower District to look at glass containers, but I was hit by an emotional wrecking ball earlier today, so that’s postponed till tomorrow.
  2. Decide where the bowl is located. I have to ask Jen-Mom if there are plans for the nook in the dining area of the venue. I’m fairly sure I want to put this massive fishbowl in the nook in the dining area of the venue, but I also forget things easily; another decoration may already have dibs on that spot. I figure the betta fish will appreciate having protected walls from three sides, versus people scaring the piss out of him from all angles, all night, in a bubble world. (Also, those LED lights and crystals in a confined spot might make magic lights on the nook’s walls…)
  3. Buy jugs of drinking water. Normally we reuse jugs by filling them with tap water, then adding a chemical to make that tap water safer; but given this betta splenden is about to go on a rollercoaster without a heater or filter for 48-72 hours, the least I can do is give it a purified environment.
  4. Cycle the betta fish’s permanent home. After the ceremony is over, the betta fish will live in the minibow or 10g sale tank; so I bought a small kit for transferring the environment from my 10g into a new tank. I need to get that started soon; if I transfer the culture of the old ecosystem into the new tank, it’ll be nice and cycled before its occupant moves in, reducing the chance of illness from stress.
  5. Acquire a plant (optional)While the betta doesn’t need a plant in its bowl, it might make it look prettier, and I’ve been meaning to try a small clay pot with underwater-friendly soil, surrounded by crystals… I can visualize it. I should doodle out the idea for Instagram. Alternatively, we have quite a few marimo balls; I could just reach into the 20g, grab a few, and let them go on a day trip.

If we struggle to find the perfect container at the thrift stores, we could always pick up this temporary tank, then put bamboo or a peace lily in it…

But I would never want this to be a long-term home for a betta, since the water would need to be changed 2-3 times a week to maintain the proper environment, and I’m just not interested in that kind of upkeep for the sake of an aquaponics conversation piece.

If we did go this route, I’d throw a water pump in there after the wedding (to discourage mosquitoes,) then I’d fill the container with the fish-poop water from my 10g and 20g as I clean them. No reason for a fish to live in the container to enjoy the aquaponics effects.

We have more than enough fish-poop water available. I’m forever throwing AM/PM megacups of fish-poop water onto our vegetable patch.

My Fish Zen Pinterest

In case you’re interested in more betta splenden ideas…


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