12 Relaxing Pre-ceremonial Songs

Today’s Goal

I’m totally ready for writing about 15 dance songs tomorrow… But I still have a lot of research to do with the 12 pre-ceremonial songs I listed in my weekly blogging goals.

Headspace ✅ Garden Next Time

The next time I wake up feeling sapped of hope, I need to spend more time with the plants. I spent two hours with the plants today, and I feel much better than I did two days ago. I think there may be equal parts exercise and earthly connection located in our backyard; I just need to do it.

12 Calming Pianos & Violins

Yesterday, I think I proved how much I love covers.

I also love piano and violin (and orchestral harp and flute!—but those aren’t as widely embraced as piano and violin); so I went on a hunt for piano and violin covers that people may recognize, in hopes I’m not ostracizing guests who don’t listen to classical.

But classical piano would work just as well—particularly Tchaikovsky (I know he’s not normally considered a “calming” choice, and that’s fine, because I love him)—if the DJ thinks the piano covers below are difficult choices.


Some of these have a lot of energy. Lots of them are from video games and Disney. That’s part of their charm.

I also made a YouTube playlist with these 12 tracks, to help find them… Or to play them directly to the sound system, if the DJ isn’t affronted by YouTube’s sound quality.

I need to ask Jen-Mom if the YouTube playlist format is helpful—because I can do this with the music from my previous posts, too.

Wedding Dresses & Rings Pinterest

In the earlier phases of wedding planning, I made a Pinterest board for dress and ring ideas; so if you’re planning a wedding, or you’re just curious and/or you’d like some inspiration, feel free to browse:


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