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Tuning Up

I close my eyes and listen to the songs to tune myself to the ceremony ahead;

I listen to the songs to tune a deeper chord inside myself;

A deeper chord inside myself, thus offers itself, like sword and shield;

Like Frodo and Sting, the deeper chord glows as anxiety reveals

Itself, with Its monstrous depression and fear, taking control of

Stress, once-faithful companion, sabotaging the cortisol dear

Productivity reared; offering itself, this chord leans in to say,

“I’ve got your back. I’m right here.”


Honeymoon & Wedding Check

Honeymoon controlled variables

  • Scheduled Airbnbs—yep (we’re staying at four places, each for 2-3 nights…well, except the fancy hotel, which is just one night, so I can die in a fancy hotel pool)
  • Scheduled snorkeling in crater—yep!
  • Scheduled plane tickets—yep!
  • Scheduled ferry to take us to Lanai—yep!




Note to self: Write about bridezilla anxiety.

Honeymoon unknown variables

  • Luau?—figure it out when we get there?
  • Kayaking?—only if we’re bored?
  • Jeep or alternate transit on Lanai—if I don’t think about it, it can’t freak me out, LALALALALALA (it’s freaking me out)

Wedding controlled variables

  • Everything is scheduled—yep!
  • People are going to be there—yep!

Wedding unknown variables

Every time I think about this part, I need a nap.