Rewriting an Idea

2018 Big Writing Goal

Once I complete the first draft of Emergence No. 7I’d like to rewrite it from a first-person perspective, utilizing three PoVs:

  1. First, Jet’s invisibility, which lets him observe the other characters in motion (through shadows) and also feel as bewildered as the reader (because he’s just simulating magic; he doesn’t actually wrap his mind around it).
  2. Then in Part Two, I’ll switch to Ovelia, who is trying to relearn the dimensions, filling holes since the time she cut herself off from wonder, in response to childhood trauma—similar to how many adults cut themselves off from science after experiencing frustration in school—and this will double as a means to dig deeper into the philosophies beneath the story.
  3. Finally, in Part Three, I’ll shift to Nalowei, who’s much more experienced in the dimensions, yet is struggling through the loss of her parents—an issue that’s more universal to the human experience, to give the reader a sense of grounding as she simultaneously juggles quantum issues.

I’ll release the story again through the lens of this prewrite, with the title Server No. 7, which illustrates the purpose of the Wizardhood better.

2019 Bigger Writing Goal

Once I’ve completed the first draft, Emergence No. 7, and the rewrite, Server No. 7—both as releases on Wattpad—I’ll introduce the e-book on Amazon, which will be the third and final edit; and a couple months later, I’ll release an audiobook.

3×3 (Medium x Small) Steps

  1. Finish 50-70K first draft by the end of September (4 months);
    • Finished Part One in June;
    • Finish Part Two in July, before wedding;
    • Finish Part Three in August and September, after honeymoon.
  2. Finish 70-90K second draft by the end of December (3 months);
    • Finish Part One by end of October;
    • Finish Part Two by end of November;
    • Finish Part Three by end of December.
  3. Finish 90K-110K final draft by the end of March (3 months);
    • Finish Part One by end of January;
    • Finish Part Two by end of February;
    • Finish Part Three by end of March.

This should generate 150K-200K towards my one-million-word goal, given edited content is counted at 50% value, and new content at 100% value; so this means I should realistically postpone one of the projects from my 8v8 exercise until 2019’s one-million-word goal. However, this doesn’t mean placing that project on a hard stop; it’s more like restricting the updates to monthly blog posts until Emergence No. 7 and Server No. 7 finishes.

Here are my candidates for pausing (the second and third options are listed in the likely inevitable event the other projects also expand, as Emergence No. 7 is expanding):

  1. Emergence No. 3 (prequel to Emergence No. 7) & From North On (travel blog);
  2. Emergence No. 4 (sequel to Emergence No. 3) Wyvia (ritualistic blog);
  3. Worlds They Dream (side story to Emergence series) & My Quest for Chicken (gardening and self-improvement blog).

🤓 What If?

Love 📚 Reading

What if we put a bookshelf in the entryway, a metal rolling cart—or just bookends holding a cluster of novels, poetry, and memoir together—and the sign said,

We’re letting go of books we’ve read in the past
to make room for new books in the future
so we would love if you took one
of these treasures home

to read about an adventure
we thought worth sharing
with loved ones like you

Love 💝 Writing

What if Chase made a bunch of journals
and we laid them out as gifts
for everyone to take
to learn to love
writing again

Love 🎨 Art

What if instead of signing a wedding guestbook
like a yearbook

We asked everyone to do 2 of the following 3—

1 Take a polaroid
making a weird face
so I don’t have to figure out if you liked the wedding or not

2 Write one sentence
explaining the best meal
you ever ate in your life

3 Sign your name with the alphabet
then do it again, except

Instead of using the alphabet
sign by drawing that doodle

That you’re always drawing in the margins
or if you don’t believe in margins

A stick figure doing a dance move
is fine