Wedding Music for the Dance Floor

Today’s Goal

Today’s the last day of my one-week goal to assemble a playlist for the DJ. Tomorrow, I’ll gather these together in a Word .doc, then save it as a .pdf, so Jen-Mom can send it to our DJ to make sure everything’s A-OK.

Headspace ✅ Ground Spinners

Today we bought ground spinners at our LGBTQ+ community firework stand in Clovis.

I’m not interested in fireworks any bigger than ground spinners, because last year, we had half a dozen neighbors launching lots of noise and lights from the middle of the street. So if I need lots of noise and lights, I can just look up and down the street.

I imagine I’ll spend a good amount of time checking on our six cats and two birds.

I like ground spinners because, like toasting champagne, they’re great for lighting and declaring a celebration. We have five packs of six spinners, which means we can celebrate 30 things!—but Chase has to pick things, too.

Some of my celebratory wedding and honeymoon planning ideas:

  1. Completing bridesmaids gifts for our wedding! (They’re in the mail.)
  2. Completing music playlist for our wedding!
  3. Completing candle-making experiment for our wedding! (We, umm, have had technical difficulties so far with the bottle cutter and preparatory process.)
  4. Completing betta bowl arrangement for our wedding!
  5. Completing marriage certificate hoop-jumps for our wedding!
  6. Booking volcano crater snorkeling trip for our honeymoon!
  7. Booking ferry to Lanai (and ferry back to Maui) for our honeymoon!

The wedding feels all-consuming, which simultaneously feels silly, because when I take a step back and assess the situation, Jen-Mom is doing way more legwork than us. I’m not certain how people get through these things without family guardian angels and/or firing rockets into the air with banner ads of powerful feelings attached.

Celebratory ideas for creative goals?

  1. Completing new cover for Emergence No. 7 (which Chase has been working diligently on for days… he’s drawing a mechanical dragon!)
  2. Submitting the dragon and glass house short story to online literary magazines.
  3. Submitting poetry to Frogpond Members Anthology 2018 (it’s due tomorrow!—so I need to get on it today; I have the poems elbow-greased out and finely aged, so they’re ready to edit…just need to polish them…).

And celebratory goals for around the house!

  1. Completing installation of drip system! (That hasn’t happened yet… But no one’s claimed this precious Saturday and Sunday yet, either… And we need our drip system installed so the garden can be left on auto-pilot while we’re gone. If my lemon balm, black pineapple tomato, or Eleanora basil plants die, I’m going to mourn them—heavier than most plants are mourned.)
  2. Cleaning the back room!
  3. Cleaning the kitchen!

Lots of exclamation marks usually means overstimulation. I’ll garden to wind down whatever pent-up energy I’m not realizing before moving on to the list of dance music.

15 16 Dance Songs

As I expected, I think I landed 1-3 darts in the 70s, 90s, 00s, and 10s (while swiftly dodging the 80s) (because it’s the 80s) (gross).

Pinterest Board for Chocolate

To cheers the end of this one-week blogging challenge through Wedding music ideas, I’m sharing my super-secret chocolate Pinterest board with you. Enjoy!