🤓 What If?

Love 📚 Reading

What if we put a bookshelf in the entryway, a metal rolling cart—or just bookends holding a cluster of novels, poetry, and memoir together—and the sign said,

We’re letting go of books we’ve read in the past
to make room for new books in the future
so we would love if you took one
of these treasures home

to read about an adventure
we thought worth sharing
with loved ones like you

Love 💝 Writing

What if Chase made a bunch of journals
and we laid them out as gifts
for everyone to take
to learn to love
writing again

Love 🎨 Art

What if instead of signing a wedding guestbook
like a yearbook

We asked everyone to do 2 of the following 3—

1 Take a polaroid
making a weird face
so I don’t have to figure out if you liked the wedding or not

2 Write one sentence
explaining the best meal
you ever ate in your life

3 Sign your name with the alphabet
then do it again, except

Instead of using the alphabet
sign by drawing that doodle

That you’re always drawing in the margins
or if you don’t believe in margins

A stick figure doing a dance move
is fine